Terms & Conditions


  • Up to 3 days prior to the tour cancellation is free of charge*, in case of a made to measure programme, organization costs will be charged.
  • In case of a bad weather forecast it is possible to cancel up to one day prior to the tour*.
  • In case of a bad weather forecast Den Haag ArchiGuides will always offer an alternative programme.

* exept for day tours

Late arrival

  • In case you arrive more than 30 minutes late we either:
    • subtract the time of the tour total;
    • or the length of the tour will stay the same and we charge extra (€65,– per hour) for our guide (but we cannot guarantee our guide will have the time for this).


  • Obvious damage to the bike will be charged according to the latest rates of our bike repair shop. (Indication: twisted wheel: €15,–; new wheel: €65,–; bent fork: €75,–.)

Missing & Theft

  • In case of loss or theft of a bicycle during the tour the responsibility will be that of The Hague ArchiGuides.
  • In case of loss or theft of the bicycle when let on hire, without returning the keys we will charge you with €275,–.

Personal Injury

  • Den Haag ArchiGuides is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused before, during or after the tour.


  • The number of people participating in a tour known to us up to one day before the tour is the number of people we will charge on the final invoice.
  • Cash payments can be done on the day of the tour at Den Haag ArchiGuides or by invoice. Invoices will be send afterwards and should be paid for within two weeks after sending;
  • For activities exceeding the amount of €1.000,–, a maximum of 75% of the total costs will be charged up front.
  • We do not accept PIN or credit cards.
  • When paying by cheque please note that we have to charge €15,– transactional costs.