The Hague City of Architecture

The Hague is the architecture city where traditional architecture and modern architecture go hand in hand.

Around the Spui and Central Station the city is enriched with numerous leading modern buildings. Netherland’s most famous architect Rem Koolhaas (OMA) realised his first building here. After a period of modernist building with highlights like the city hall by Richard Meier and ministerie van VROM (ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment) by Jan Hoogstad, the pictured image of this city has changed from modernist to semi-traditional with the historic urban development plan by Rob Krier which is created amongst others by famous architects like Sjoerd Soeters, Michael Graves and Hans Kollhoff.

Alongside these huge projects also smaller new development projects have been added to the existing city. Traditionalistic architecture like the Haagse Bluf but also the modern experimental architecture like the Baljurk has recently been built in the historic centre.

Also outside of Den Haag’s city centre metropolitan developments can be seen, like the area around station Hollands Spoor, Scheveningen Harbor and the Beatrixquarter. Through the construction of the Randstadrail (light-railway), with its spectacular viaduct and station by Zwarts & Jansma, the Beatrixquarter has been given a solid impulse.

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