Architectural Excursions

On foot

City Center Tour

Discover the modern architecture in the administrative and cultural centre of The Hague. In approximately 15 years The Hague’s city center has undergone an enormous metamorphosis.


Extensive Modern Architecture tour Den Haag

This considerable walk which leads from the recently developed station area Den Haag HS will pass along the city centre highlights towards the area where Den Haag Central Station is still in development.



The Beatrixquarter is a modern metropolitan office district close to Central Station. Motorists will know this area from taking the Utrechtse Baan: the motorway over which many buildings have been constructed in a spectacular manner.


By bike

Modern Den Haag in Birds Eye View

A bike tour along The modern developments of Den Haag. In a sporty way you will bike along many highlights of Den Haag architecture.